back to the green future

Mulinobianco questions the relationship we have with the planet we live on, the only one we know with life, perhaps the only one in the whole universe.
We live on a rather precious place, if only for these reasons.
How long have we been here?
When does our rental contract expire?
Are there any clauses in the rental contract?
What are they?
Who drew it up?
Who is the landlord ?
Could we be evicted soon?
These are questions that only scientists can answer, yet only children dare to ask.
From the heights of their science and their wisdom.
From the heights of their knowledge.
The future is theirs.
They are the ones who question us.
They are the ones who insist on an answer.
They paint a disturbing portrait of us adults : seen from behind, always running around with our heads down, busy with all sorts of things, but unable to see where we are or what we’re doing.

Two children alone on the stage
Two children speaking to an audience of adults.
Two children who give us their point of view about the future of the world

They hurl pronouncements and challenges. They tease us and poke fun.
They go back and forth in time.
They contrast the end and the beginning of our world : a lost and distant Eden, to which none of us would like to return and a frightening sunset that both scares and beckons us, ultimately swallowing us whole.

They move among symbolic animals, strange benches, and crosses that challenge our beliefs. They teeter between the unspeakable and the unsaid.
They hand us a bouquet of artificial flowers, leaving us to wonder: are they urging us to see the beauty even in synthetic things, or are they reminding us that plants will soon return to being the sole masters of the world?


by Enrico Castellani e Valeria Raimondi
with Ettore Castellani e Orlando Castellani
and with Valeria Raimondi, Enrico Castellani, Luca Scotton
stage management Luca Scotton,
Vfx video Francesco Speri
production Babilonia Teatri and La Corte Ospitale
co-production Operaestate Festival Veneto
in collaboration with Dialoghi – Residenze delle Arti Performative a Villa Manin 2021