Pedigree tells the story of a young man, of his family, his two mothers, of his sperm donor father and of his five sperm brothers scattered around the world.

Pedigree explores the struggles of this new generation as they navigate questions of identity, family ties, and the new moral landscape surrounding procreation.

Pedigree meditates on the outlook of the choices, rights, wishes, and expectations of the in vitro generation, who are looking for new roots and facing new fears.

The play doesn’t shy away from emotional gut punches. It boldly confronts the anxieties and aspirations of this generation who are facing uncharted territory, while still offering a tender touch, full of humanity and compassion.

Two men are on stage, seemingly unconnected, yet united by their love for Elvis. Their story unfolds in a space that feels like a mashup of an art gallery and a street food joint, reflecting a world where traditional boundaries are blurring.

Pedigree reminds us that even as modern technology lets us connect at lightning speed, our hearts and minds are still stuck in the past, our nostrils filled with the scent of old mothballs.


performed by Enrico Castellani and Luca Scotton
written by Enrico Castellani
direction Valeria Raimondi
stage management Luca Scotton
production Babilonia Teatri, La Piccionaia centro di produzione teatrale
co-production  Festival delle Colline Torinesi
an original project by Babilonia Teatri
organization Alice Castellani
set Babilonia Teatri
costumes Franca Piccoli
stage photos Eleonora Cavallo
production 2017